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Captain Arthur Phillip didn’t land in Australia on December. He first landed in Australia relating to the th and th of January in Botany These kinds of. But because he couldn’t find river there, he sailed into Sydney Cove on the th where he found Tank Stream problem gone away. January The first mixedrace marriage. The first one sanctioned marriage between an Aboriginal person and a convict occurred, by chance, on the th January .

Maria was the sister of Colebee who was captured, along with Bennelong, in . She married Robert Lock, an illiterate, convict carpenter from The united kingdomt. This was the first legal AboriginalBritish marriage your past colony. She was survived by nine children. The Premier who knew. When Henry Parkes, the thenPremier of NSW, was planning the upcoming Perth Australia Day 2019 Centenary celebrations, he was asked what if anything was being planned for Aboriginal people, to which Parkes retorted, “And remind them people today have robbed associated with?” His harsh, but truthful response came almost years before Prime Minister Paul Keating’s Redfern Speech, another rare, honest statement by politician.

Day of Mourning. On January , Aboriginal people protested against Australia Day and called it a ‘Day of Mourning’. A forced reenactment. For the th Anniversary, Aboriginal people were forced to participate in a reenactment of the landing of to begin with Fleet under Captain Arthur Phillip. Aboriginal people living in Sydney had refused to take part so organisers introduced men from Menindee, in western NSW, and kept them locked up at the Redfern Police Barracks stables until the reenactment took room.