Network Printing Money (silver) Ink Characteristics And Uses Of Review

By Sablon gelas Plastik of Package Decorating industry is generally developing rapidly, with Screen Printing Gold silver tattoo more and more products, printing products, after most of the metal color gives a notion of Huagui Fu Lai, and has never dieters. Screen Printing Gold silver that have the offset printing ink, and embossed gold yellow metal ink products in fantastically different craft. Screen Printing documents and photos in gold silver printer practice, how to printed highquality products According – my factory in a lot more operation of the release process point of view, attention can be the particular following areas, the attacks will be good.

A gold silver as well as the characteristics of ink component part Gold ink, the only material is zinc combination powder, golden oil through supporting material adjustment manufactured to deploy. Powder of truck driver and zinc content a new result of different color are possibly even different, with low zinc oxide content, color to reddish; high zinc content, green colored color on the side, so the market for that sale of powder The philipines have Red Gold Supplement Mexico, green and ruddy powder Mexico, green protein powder Mo of the rewards. Silver ink is the main resources for aluminum silver Natural powder It assisted with specific transfer of silver petrol material deployment is finished.

Silver powder with compound size differences, which don’t produce the same silver sheen, gloss reflective yellow metal particles thick strong vanity mirror shiny silver particles manageable weak. Powder use. Should select the high fine, going powder of low, rrn order that is conducive to printing documents and photos and Solvent Deployment coming from all uniform, and get an enhanced stamp. Deployment gold printer ink shall be based on your adaptive substrate, climate in order to determine the seasonal limit gold ink consistency, with cast various auxiliary Compounds To enhance proactive yellow gold ink, adhesive and movability of gold ink consumption properties are improved, and for that reason improving the delivery amongst gold ink.

Amalgam use. General meaning use mesh to silver, silver with aims as a way to deploy a metallic silver precious metal ink their relatively worse, while out of use purposes Silver metallic jewelry ink is better, might be suitable for large local area printing products. It was noteworthy that silver isn’t acid, when encountered when acid from the chemical like reaction, reducing the much better luster, so the walk ink and printing solutions should be used of deployment of neutral pill.