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If you aren’t traveling overland from southern or Egypt, flying undoubtedly the most convenient way of getting to Kenya. Nairobi is really a major n airline hub and flights between Kenya and the rest of are common and relatively cheap. Its important to see that flight into Kenya availability and prices are highly seasonal. Conveniently for Europeans, the cheapest fares usually coincide with the eu summer holidays, from June to September. An economy return flight ticket from can be about UKP , but during December and January flight prices soar and availability plummets.

Its also worth checking out cheap charter flights to Mombasa from Europe, although these may be part to a package deal to an accommodation resort within coast. Expense is often absurdly cheap and theres no obligation in which to stay at the resort you booked within. A few adventurous and resourceful souls using own vehicles still travel overland to Kenya from Europe, but the majority routes undergo several war zones and need to only be considered after some serious planning and designing. Entering Kenya Entering into Kenya is generally pleasingly straight forward, particularly at the international airports, which are the same as different from most western terminals.

Visas are common available on arrival for a lot of nationalities passport photos required, but you should contact your nearest Kenyan diplomatic offices to be getting the uptodate information. Currency Exchange offices or money changers constantly present and visa fees can be paid in local currency or $. Voos baratos in Kenya Including the a national carrier, Kenya Airways, four Kenya domestic flight operators of varying sizes now run scheduled flights within Kenya. All appear to experience a virtually clean slate safetywise. Destinations served are predominantly around the coast and also the popular southern national parks, where the largest density of tourist activity takes home.